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  • 1979 January

    Opening of first stage of plant

    In June 1979 was opened a first stage of plant
  • 1979 January

    Opening of first stage of plant

    In June 1979 was opened a first stage of plant
  • 1982 January

    Was opened up a manufacturing capacities in constant volumes of brake linings and sealing sheet mate

    Since the second half-year period of 1982 was opened a manufacturing capacities for producing of brake linings in quantity 6.6 mln pieces per year and paronits – PON and PMB in quantity 12.5 thousand tons per year.
  • 1983 January

    Was reached a design capacity for brake linings manufacturing and developed a manufacturing of gaske

    In 1983 was reached design capacities for brake linings – close to 11.0 mln. pieces. The same time was opened up a manufacturing of gasket material BR-1 in quantity 800 tons per year. The quantity of gasket material reached 700 items.
  • 1985 January

    Developed a products for construction

    In 1985 plant developed a manufacturing of butyl rubber water putties and presizing for construction of buildings and isolation of petrol and gas pipe lines, and also a glue was developed, which was used for furniture and footwear industries.
  • 1986 January

    Developed a sheet material BR-3

    In 1986 was developed a sheet material BR-3 and products from it. This material was made to replace a fluoroplastic, which used for sealing of stop valves in structure of steam and water with huge intervals of temperatures and pressure.
  • 1987 January

    Opened a subsidiary one of the workshop for manufacturing of paronit gaskets

    In 1987 plant become separate from BPO tires and RAI. In company works 1800 persons, company has a hostel for 230 persons, kindergarten for 320 kids and sponsored school. Opened a subsidiary for manufacturing of paronit gaskets. Since this year a plant began its activity in condition of fully self-finance.
  • 1988 January

    Developed a manufacturing of discs by new technology moulding-on

    Since 1988 was developed a manufacturing of discs for agricultural combines “DON” by principally new technology of moulding-on. Also started a producing of clutch linings of new diesel vehicle ZIL and GAZ.
  • 1989 January

    Blocks of company are supplied to 14 from 30 Railways of USSR

    To 1989 blocks of company was supplied to 14 from 30 Railways of USSR, includes a blocks with new design of shorted and long drawn composite block. Close to 40% of output is supplied to the companies of GosAgroProm of USSR.
  • 1991 January

    On the base of GC “Belotserkovskyy plant ATI” was created a Leased Enterprise “Belotserkovskyy

  • 1996 January

    Leased Enterprise “Belotserkovskyy plant ATI” reorganized to Open Joint Stock Company “Triboâ

    Leased Enterprise “Belotserkovskyy plant ATI” reorganized to Open Joint Stock Company “Tribo”
  • 2003 January

    In 2003 PJSC “Tribo” got a diploma of the Best enterprise in petrochemical industry of Ukraine

  • 2004 January

    Award winner

    In 2004 a company became an award winner of Ukrainian award “100 best goods of Ukraine”. Also Tribo got a certificate GSTU for the meeting the requirements of ISO 9001.
  • 2005 January

    Got a certificate ISO 9001

    In 2005 a Quality Management System was certified for the meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 by the certification body TUV CERT (Germany)
  • 2006 January

    Got a certificate ISO/IEC17025

    In 2006 a testing laboratory of Tribo got an accreditation by NAAU (National Agency of Accreditation of Ukraine) for the meeting the requirements of GSTU ISO/IEC17025:2006. Also Tribo got a Certificate of Russian Registry of Shipping about the recognition of our laboratory.
  • 2007 January

    Tribo is an official representative

    OJSC “Tribo” became an official representative of OJSC “UralATI” with full volumes of authority, which could be needed for the selling of UralATI` products. Also with authority for conducting a negotiation, and other event execution in order to promotion the UralATI` products on the territory of Ukraine and other CIS countries.
  • 2008 January

    Opening of sister company, became a steady exhibitor in Innotrans Fair, getting a certificate ISO 14

    In 2008 was created a sister company called TriboRail, which specialized on manufacturing of braking products for Railway industry. A separate manufacturing areas in order to avoid an asbest hitting and to execute a brand new technological process is planned – according to the requirements of EU countries`. Also this year Tribo was an exhibitor on Innotrans 2008 – the biggest fair in Railway industry, which always held in Berlin. On the fair together with Tribo was a UralATI as co-exhibitor. This fair involves all enterprises of Railway industry from the spare part to wagon till the Railway operator of all over the world. And also in 2008 Tribo got a certificate of Ecology Management System ISO 14000.
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