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"Our Glory – “Zazerkalye”

   On the picturesque bench of Starke river, not far from Asbest city, there is a dream-world of childhood, a wonderland — the holiday camp “Zazerkalye”.

   In 21 years “Zazerkalye” received several generations of children all over the Ural region: from Asbest, Yekaterinburg, Bogdanovich, Irbit, Malisheva, Reftinskiy and others.

   This small and comfortable camp became home of childhood for many kids. Since the very first visit, the children wait edgily for a new summer season to spend holidays there and meet their friends again.     

   The camp is situated in the forest area, on the bench of the pure river Starka, which is purified before opening of a new summer season and after every session. The Starka is one of a few reservoirs where it is allowed to bathe, so the children wait with impatience the opening of the season. 

    The camp territory is treated with acaricides and insecticides. You can hear there the babblement of birds and with luck meet a forest guest – a little squirrel. 

   The camp “Zazerkalye” differs from other camps of Sverdlovsk region by its compactness and coziness. On the territory, there are four bedroom blocks, each for two detachments. Every summer 3 sessions are organized here.

    There are some circles at the camp: dancing group, sports club, model airplane circle, fine and applied arts studio. The music and game rooms, the library, the football field and the basketball court, the beach are at children’s disposal.

     An interesting activity program (relays, competitions, joyful concerts and games, shows and discotheques) keep children amused, and traditional entertainments – the session opening, the Ivan Kupala’s day, the Neptune’s day, the Funny football — became favorite for hundreds of kids.

   The skilful team of teachers, counselors, medical technicians and the operating personnel help the children to spend the holiday time with profit to their health. There are daily health-improving procedures — medical gymnastics, massage, group inhalation sessions, phytotherapy — at the camp.

   Even after summer season the life at the camp continues. Many entertainment events for the plant staff are held at the “Zazerkalye”, for example, the Chemist’s day, which is celebrated the last Saturday of May.